Ethical policy

Our Mission:

To make clothes that are high quality, beautiful and stylish in their own right, but are extra special because they enrich the lives of those who produce them. 


We work with organisations that benefit the comminities whom they are a part of.

Wherever possible we choose to work with hand skills over machine.

Workers are paid a fair wage and are treated well.

We do not use child labour.


Beach Candy's Artisans:

An NGO who we work closely with encourages rural men & women from over 150 tribal villages in India to strive for their economic independence. These communities have arts and craft embedded in their culture but need the support of the organisation to reach out to a larger market. The organisation also helps to raise funds for schools and health clinics in their local community. The artisans have produced the beautiful silk handwoven Silk Ikat Overnight Bags, and the Recycled Beach Tote

A further NGO in Mumbai teaches printing, weaving, embroidery and stitching to anyone who is willing to learn. They help many financially and physically disadvantaged people from the slums. Once trained up they can either carry on working for this NGO or are supported to start up their own businesses. They have made the Beach Candy Silk Chiffon Kaftans and dresses, the Travel bags, and the little drawstring bags that come complimentary with certain Beach Candy products.

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